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VIII. Mistrovství světa z lodí

24.9.2015 - 27.9.2015


The 2015 World Championships will be hosted in Viljandi, an ancient hilly city in South Estonia topped by impressive ruins of a once-powerful Livonian Order castle. Cobbled streets, ancient oak trees and a beautiful lake conjure up a very special atmosphere.

The lake Viljandi lies in the deep primeval valley of Viljandi, depth 11 m, length 4.6 km, width 450 m. The main fish in the lake are bream, roach, perch and pike.

Only 1 small area of the lake will be prohibited for fishing activity – the narrow neck which connects the northern and southern parts of the lake.

The organization will provide you a detailedmap.

During these 8th World Championships, the following fish species will be counted:
· Pike 45 cm
· Sander 46 cm
· Perch 20 cm

Read more about Viljandi:

The Organizing Committee shall receive the registration form completely filled in together with the payment of the registration fee via bank wire transfer by the deadline of 1st August 2015.
Entry Fee / Participation:
In compliance with FIPSed rules the participation fee is:
1150 € + TAX FIPSed 150 € = 1300 €
The registration fee includes the tickets for the gala dinners (8), the fishing permits (6), and any gifts that the organization may distribute.
Price for extra final closing banquet 50€ person
Extra tickets for the final banquet can

Boats: recommendations
It is required to attend this championship on the Lake Viljandi with a boat that carries at least 4 persons. The engine power is not limited. A reserve in fuel of 5 to 10 liters is necessary on board.
The speed limit on the lake is 30km/h.

Only 2 categories of boats are available:
-boats hired by the Organization
-boats provided by the Nations


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Jezero Viljandi
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